Music is life. Life is music.

Sound surrounds us, and we ourselves are sound. Welcome to my cosmos of sound: strings and wind, speech and singing, pulsing drive and pause.

Christian H. Grosch


DIE REISE BEGINNT - THE JOURNEY STARTS - free improvisation from Offene Fenster 62

DÜRFEN WIR SEIN? - MAY WE BE? - free improvisation from Offene Fenster 61

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»Christian Grosch, p, Toralf Schrader, b, and Enno Lange, dr, dedicate themselves to the old melodies with great empathy, listen to them, lift them out of their historical context and release them in their harmonic, melodic and rhythmic diversity as jazz standards into the present«


Jazz Podium 05/21 on "SONGS OF FAITH"

»At the summer concert of the Duo Zia, appropriately entitled “Crossing Borders”, unusually lively and even jubilant performances arising from diverse spiritual music traditions could be heard.«


Schwarzwälder Bote, 5.9.2023

Musical worlds

Welcome to my listening samples showcase! What are my aims? In order to authentically experience and live through musical spheres and moods, in whatever form they may appear: my goal is to feel them, discover them playfully, let them grow in peace and drive them forward energetically. But no I still talk about music when I want to let the music speak from me.

I love the diversity in worlds of life and sound. That's why I set out on my musical journey with different instruments and my voice - in different line-ups, as a Solo musician, Singer and Speaker. My solo concert series “Open Windows” gives me a unique opportunity to explore ways and means of free musical expression. In these performances, I remain close to the sources of creative power; the music arises in the moment of play, freely improvised and intuitive.

Bending Times

The trio takes you to different sonic places with modern, lively jazz compositions.


Two musicians with jazz trumpet and organ research the sound of the present.


Jazz, classical music, music from different cultures and free improvisations, open to all musical directions!

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