Thanks to various projects that pop into my head, heart or lap, life as a musician never gets boring! I also enjoy sharing my passion for music in lessons and workshops for piano, organ, composition and more...

Musical Projects

Offene Fenster - Open Windows concert series


Free improvisations - open to all musical directions. A Brandenburg concert series with monthly concerts, indoors in winter and outdoors in summer!


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Duo for jazz trumpet and organ with trumpeter Marcus Rust. In search of new sounds, ZIA researches a sound of the present. Traditions play an important role and often serve as the starting point for their musical “expeditions”.


The duo's melodies dance around ancient songs from cultures around the globe; ask, answer and enter into dialogue with one another. It is an attempt to touch the foreign without incorporating or destroying it. In their music, centuries-old Christian and Jewish melodies combine with contemporary jazz, and tradition and modernity enter into a lyrical liaison.

Trio Bending Times

Piano, double bass and drums - one or perhaps the typical jazz trio line-up! The special thing about it: every instrument can achieve full freedom and blossom in this constellation.


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Jazz Requiem

Mozart's Requiem is one of the most famous unfinished works in music history. The master died during the composition, and in the last two weeks of his life he became increasingly aware that he had apparently written the Requiem for himself.


In Christian Grosch's jazz version, all of Mozart's original choral pieces are brought into a new musical context; instead of the classic orchestral setting, the four-part choir finds itself here in the jazz harmonies and rhythms of the trio. Together they create a new symbiosis full of joy and quiet sadness, of sparkling liveliness and the deepest, palest abyss of death.


The choral pieces, which were only fragmentarily hinted at by Mozart, were given a new, modern structure and melody when Grosch updated them, so that the choir itself gradually sang in jazz colors. Towards the end of the Requiem, Grosch's two original compositions “Benedictus” and “Dona eis requiem sempiternam” logically stand as a confession of our time.

The choir and trio are now completely in the musical present - and looking into eternity.

Dona eis requiem sempiternam - Give us eternal rest...

Musical Job

A musical for children and young people on the subject of Job? Isn't that much too depressing and melancholy?


Uwe Claus and Christian Grosch have tackled the topic. The result is a musical between light and shadow, with sensitive lyrics and a good pinch of gallows humor. The music ranges from gentle, delicately accompanied songs to orchestral hymn-like spheres to jazz, pop and funk. In the face of loss and death, the fullness and colorfulness of life appears in a very special light. (free download of sheet music examples via Shop - Contact, sound examples see below)

Sound samples from the projects

The steps become easier again - Offene Fenster 63/1 - free Improvisation

Bethelehemu - Duo ZIA, Vom Himmel hoch

Nova Radist stala - Duo ZIA, Vom Himmel hoch

Wohl denen, die da wandeln - Bending Times, Songs of Faith - Glaubenslieder

Trailer - Parts from the Mozart-Jazz-Requiem, Bending Times and choir

Ach hätt´ ich doch einen Gott, der mich erhört - from the JOB-musical

Freiheit und Unendlichkeit - from a composition workshop with the children´s choir of the Friedenskirche Potsdam

Musical lessons

Composition Workshops

In the composition workshops, I work with children, young people or adults interested in music to develop new songs and instrumental pieces based on the participants' own melody and text ideas. It is also possible to work on a joint concert afterwards.

Individual lessons for children & adults

I offer individual one-to-one lessons for jazz piano, piano, organ, recorder, cello, composition and music theory/ear training. Classical music as well as jazz and improvisation provide diverse and exciting content on the way to technically skilled, passionate and liberated music-making.

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