Offene Fenster - Open Windows

free improvisations for Brandenburg

A concert series entirely made up of free improvisations. Be there at the moment new music is created. Open to all musical directions, to all tonal depths and layers. Piano and grand piano, cello, flugelhorn, vocals, percussion. Prepared strings - the piano is a completely new, different instrument. Soloistically from a simple monophonic melody to an unleashed one-man orchestra. The duo inspires each other with “Offene Fenster IN CONTACT” and “INTERNATIONAL”. Breathing summery open air between birdsong and traffic, the sounds from inside to outside, “only” hearing the performer but all the more intensely. Protected sound hall in autumn winter - with grand pianos and warmth - everything that happens that no one knew before is now visible.

Once a month, Fridays at 7 p.m. (doors open at 6:40 p.m.), free entry - donations welcome.

Video-Block - Video  


Dürfen wir sein? - May we be?

Die Reise beginnt - The Journey starts

Die Schritte werden wieder leichter - The steps become easier again

»Another lovely ending of a week ... Thank you, Christian Grosch and Marcus Rust! It's been such a joy to witness you both interacting & improvising freely. What a beautiful energy!«


Heiderose G. about the concert “Offene Fenster 60 In Contact” 

with Marcus Rust - trumpet, flugelhorn

»Offene Fenster is a real anchor in this crazy time. Thank you, Christian Grosch.«


Steven L. about the concert "Offene Fenster 28"

»I happened to pass the open window, I listened ...

I managed to escape everyday life briefly, just being at the moment. Then I moved on with a smile on my face.«


@Grandtheftchris about "Offene Fenster 52/2"

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